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My Top 5 TechEd 2010 sessions

by Stijn Volders 16. November 2010 23:21



So... I attended TechEd last week. It was my first TechEd ever and I enjoyed it very much!

During TechEd, I attended 20 sessions and the keynote. The keynote was really IT-pro focused and a waste of time. That said, what were the sessions I liked the most?

Scrum, but... (DPR301)

Brought by Stephen Forte and Joel Semeniuk in a very amusing way. After 10 minutes, they started with a Q&A and got very involved with the audience. There were a lot of good questions and it was great to see them answer them all in a very clear and understandable way.

In contrary of what I thought, modifying Scrum to suits your needs isn't a bad thing (per se). As they stated it: "Agile is like a buffet. You can mix and match but make sure that the features you pick are compatible and you eat healthy".

Very good content and with the high entertainment factor, my number 1 "must see" session. Watch it here


Working software is not enough (ARC207)

Based on a case study of a failed agile project, Mitch Lacey talked about the key reasons that caused the failure and -more important- what they learned from it and how you can detect those mistakes early and avoid them . A great speaker with a lot of experience on this matter. Watch it here

Architecture in Agile Projects - how to do it right (ARC208)


Architecture: Big design up front, or cowboy ‘design-it-as-you-go’ coding? Attracted by the description of the session I added this session early in my schedule.

Mitch Lacey provided some very good insights and guidelines to do architecture right in an agile project. Euh... wasn't that the title of this session?? Perfect fit! Watch it here

Parallel programming with .NET 4.0 - why it's important and how to get started (DEV305)

Mario Szpuszta brought a great session about this topic. Since I've worked with LINQ already I was familiar with the .AsParallel syntax but had some questions like "when is it really adding a performance gain? Can I use it without penalty? Are there other ways to do parallel programming?

This technical session answered a lot of questions and is a very practical guide for using parallel programming techniques. Different possibilities were handled, with their advantages and disadvantages. Watch it here

Windows Azure AppFabric Service bus (ASI410)

I recently discovered Service Bus and it looks like a very useful product in the Azure stack so this session was again an "early added & must see" session in my schedule. Clemens Vasters went for a very "I code while you look" approach and I like that a lot. He showed how easy it is to deploy your service to the cloud, route your public available Service Bus endpoint to a service on your local machine without hassle and some advanced use cases of Service Bus. Take a look at PortBridge to see what I mean... Watch the session here


While I’m not going to talk about every session I attended, I do want to suggest some other interesting sessions I attended or heard great feedback about:

If you are looking for more technical sessions, be sure to check out Gill Cleeren's session about "What you as an ASP.NET developer need to know about jQuery" and Laurent Bugnion's session on "Taking advantage of Microsoft Expression Blend to Build Silverlight 4 applications". Both sessions are “must-see” for web developers.

In the architecture track, there was also a session by Sander Hoogendoorn that’s worth watching: “How frameworks can kill your project”. He gave also some great tips to avoid being killed Glimlach

Finally, the only Windows Phone 7 session that I attended was also great. Rob Garfoot developed a Windows Phone 7 application in 1 hour, completely with camera support & push notifications. Watch it here

Looking for other TechEd sessions? They are all available here

Update: I've published a small set of my photos on Flickr



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My Top 5 TechEd 2010 sessions

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