Last week, my friend @jefclaes reminded me I still didn’t wrote my “2014 Part 2” post.

So, what’s up for 2014?


After 4 years at Avalon Automation, I started working at fifthplay in January. Fifthplay is building hard- and software for energy management in homes and companies. Since this is something I’m very interested in (more on that in the next paragraph), I’m very happy I had the opportunity to start here.

Pet projects

Last year, I’ve worked hard in (partially) rebuilding our home so very little time was left for any pet projects. However, i decided to install a Beckhoff PLC instead of an off-the-shelf home automation system. So I learned a little bit of PLC programming last year (enough to switch my lights on/off and control the blinds) and I plan to bring that knowledge to the next level. Besides the PLC, I have a Netduino Plus 2 that I’m going to connect to different sensors (temperature, humidity,…). Connecting these 2 systems into a unified solution will be my goal in 2014.


I delivered a small session on “Context Mapping” at DDDBE a few weeks ago and I’ll probably do a session related to home automation at Azug later this year.

Courses & events

I’ll be attending DDDX in London again and I’m going to BuildStuff in November.